Educational Centre Sirius in Sochi is created by educational foundation Talent and success of the Olympic infrastructure based on the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. The Fund was established in December 24, 2014 by outstanding Russian public figures of science, sport and art.

The Centre work is based on the Charter of the Fund and of the licence to carry out educational activities with support and coordination of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

Download the report on the activities of the Fund Talent and success from the official website of the Ministry of Justice of

The goal of the work of educational centre Sirius is early identification, development and further support of gifted children showing extraordinary talents in arts, sports, science, as well as the ones successful in technical creativity.

The Center is open year-round. Travel and stay in the Centre for children is free of charge. 600 children 10-17 years old come to Sirius monthly from dozens of regions of Russia. They are accompanied by more than 100 teachers and trainers improving their skills in the Centre. The training is conducted by leading professors of sports, physico-mathematical, chemical and biological schools, as well as prominent figures of Russian art in the field of classical music, classical ballet and fine art. The educational program is designed for 24 days and includes both specialized classes and developing leisure, master-classes, creative meetings with leading professionals in their respective fields, complex therapies, and during the school year general education classes.


• Reaching maximum number of talented Russian schoolchildren and their teachers, promoting training in priority areas for the Centre in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
•Development conditions for implementation of intellectual and personal potential, professional self-determination and formation of children regardless of their place of residence, social status and financial capabilities of their families.
•The development of new forms of inclusion of intellectually gifted children into educational, artistic, athletic and sporting and socially beneficial activities involving the potential of Sochi Olympic infrastructure and partners of the Center.
•The establishment of a system of "social elevator" for talented young Russians, uniting vocational, educational, sporting, creative, research and other resources for development and professional formation of children.
• Formation of incentives for various stakeholders partnership, involvement of new participants, teachers, experts, partners. The synthesis of science, sport and art.


Promoting the best

mentoring System involves further support of gifted children by the strongest Russian educators, trainers and leading figures of art, science and sport. The Centre unites its graduates and will monitor their progress and achievements, further employment at leading Russian art groups, cultural centers, national sports clubs, high-tech companies and research centers.


The majority of recreational activities will be aimed at improving personal effectiveness when interacting with other children and mentors. Particular attention will be paid to: formation of leadership skills, ability to manage their own projects and professional growth, development of mathematical thinking and creativity, cultural expression, preservation and maintenance of skills for health.


We strive to maintain carefully the knowledge and domestic findings we have to create a new base for effective pedagogical practices based on the latest research and popular modern economy.

Combining experience

Educational Centre Sirius will combine the experience of the best Russian schools with a view to building a national methodological and training centre, developing replicated professional programs. These programs will be used in the future by teachers of subjects of the Russian Federation who had passed training in the Centre.

Harmonious personal development

The program focuses not only on specialized training, but also, in many ways, aims to engage in patriotic history, literature, and familiarity with the cultural heritage of our country.

The synthesis of science, art and sport

Three areas synthesis stimulates creative development of personality and is indispensable for nurturing future leaders in any area.

Uniting children

Uniting children with outstanding abilities in different fields of art, science and sport in one team promotes maximum development of their social, communicative, creative skills and harmonious development of a child's personality.

Broaden horizons

Students participate in professional and educational programs as well as master classes and work of creative and scientific laboratories under the guidance of leading scientists and practicing experts.


Clear selection criteria and transparency provide a chance to get into the educational centre Sirius for every child who has shown real achievements in the areas of national priority.

Scientific and technical creativity

Within the framework of individual and group project work children get acquainted with advanced technologies that can give a powerful spurt in the future to variety of different spheres of economy; create social projects in their regions; master public speaking skills and presentation of solutions I front of experts-representatives of the Center partners.


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