Viewing tower on the Bolshoi Akhun

The viewing tower on the Bolshoi Akhun was built in 1935. It is in the style of a mediaeval watch tower, of which there had been a lot in the Caucasus. The Bolshoi Akhun peak is 663 metres above sea level and the tower itself is 30.5 metres high. From the top of the viewing tower there is a wonderful view of the Greater Caucasus range. The Black Sea can be seen 100 kilometres away. A beautiful mountain road leads to the top of the peak. In addition to the road, there are trails from Matsesta and Khosta. The forest at the top of Bolshoi Akhun is a genuine natural wonder. There are more than ten caves in the area around the tower.
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    Khosta District, between the River Agura and the River Khosta

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