Quiksilver New Star Camp 2018

30.03.2018 - 08.04.2018

From March, 30, to April, 8, mountain resort Rosa  Khutor will hold the 9th, the biggest in Russia, sport-music festival Quicksilver New Star Camp. 

Quicksilver New Star Camp is the event where you can meet Olympic Gold champions, X-Game winners, popular Russian and foreign snowboarders and skiers, you can enjoy famous DJ sets and world popular musicians, do yoga and learn longboard. This is the second festival Rosa Khutor holds. 

For those who want to master new tricks, Rosa Khutor resort is building a big snow park at the height 1600 above sea level with numerous figures situated in several lines, starting from the simplest, where beginners can try free style, ending with the pro - line with a huge skiing board for contests and photosets with professional sportsmen. 

The Quicksilver New Star Camp 2018 sport program is likely to be bright and interesting with busy schedule: amateur contests from DC, photosets in riders park, Roxy contest for girls, the most breathtaking contest Roll the Dice from Red Bull, training classes Go Snowboarding and others.

The strongest actin sports representatives will show the recent tendencies in Russian and foreign snowboarding and freestyle skiing. And major contest Quicksilver New Star Invitational will take place on the biggest skiing board of the park. 

The festival participants can visit lectures of Board speakers with the leaders in the industry, providers master classes, music non stop and A Big Party in the end! This year the Park opens a new zone, working since the closing time, New Star Apre - ski: a light house music format, live performances, friendly and unobtrusive atmosphere.

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