Gorki Gorod

The mountain resort Gorky Gorod is an all-season resort town in Krasnaya Polyana. The popularity of the new tourist area in the territory of Russia is based on the Russian scope and the European approach.

The model of this project is divided into three components:
  • hotel business;
  • real property rent and sale;
  • ski resort.

Taking into account all three components, the model of the year-round resort is implemented and successfully operates: 

  • in summer - rest in the mountains or on the sea, which is just a 40-minute drive; 
  • in winter - a ski resort. 

Gorki Gorod is conceptually divided into two sectors - "Upper town" and "Lower town", located at the altitude of 540 and 960 meters above sea level and connected by auto-road and cable lift. During the Winter Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi, the complex functioned as a media village for journalists engaged in covering sports events in the mountain cluster. At this stage, the resort actively implements the strategy of its post-Olympic development. The resort territories are equipped with modern conveniences, children's playgrounds and sports grounds are provided, all conditions for summer activities are created. Reconstruction of the multi-purpose conference center for 5000 people has been completed. Pistes of different complexity levels - from green to black - were prepared. In the winter season of 2015, Gorki Gorod lengthed its pistes twice and introduced night skiing.  The attraction center of Gorki Gorod is a sports and tourist complex, which includes 12 chair and gondola lifts, 23 modern pistes with the length of about 30 km. The complex has three transfer "steps" at the altitudes of 960, 1460 and 2200 meters above sea level. Location of Gorki Gorod resort's pistes in close proximity to the Caucasian nature reserve helps actively develop eco-tourism. 

During the spring and summer season, horse walks in mountains, a bike park with a seven-kilometer route for lovers of mountain bikes, an adventure park at the altitude of 1460 m, eco-tourism trails, yoga sessions in mountains are offered to tourists. The uniqueness of Gorki Gorod resort is that it is designed for all categories of tourists. Hotels and apart-complexes of different categories are presented by the leading international operators - RIXOS, Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Capella Hotel Group, Fine Hotels & Resorts. Every day Gorki Gorod can receive about 50 thousand tourists from around the world, accommodating about 7 500 people at a time. 

The fundamentally important difference between Gorki Gorod and other resorts of Krasnaya Polyana is the most favorable conditions for tourist companies: since February, 2015, Gorki Gorod introduced a new B2B service for online booking of hotels and apartments. Today, any travel company can book rooms on the resort territory with maximum discounts or commission online. The flexible commercial approach adapted to market conditions and use of modern booking technologies provide partners of Gorky Gorod resort with the maximum convenience and most favorable rates, and the resort's representative offices, which were opened in Moscow and St. Petersburg, provide the necessary support for bookings on the largest Russian tourism markets.  

The resort is interesting for business tourists, first of all, by its opportunities for holding big festivals and forums, as it has a multi-purpose conference center for 5000 people and also meeting halls in each hotel. Commercial projects are also developed in the territory of the resort among the facilities, which were built specially for the Olympic Games. Gorki Gorod Mall five-level shopping center with the area of 18,000 sq.m. has a children's entertainment area, 4-screen multiplex cinema, bowling center, the Mountain Beach water park with a natural sandy beach under the vaults of a glass dome, shops and boutiques of famous brands, cafes and restaurants. It is planned to open a night club, new restaurants, to attract an operator to the SPA and beauty shops. Gorki Gorod has about 60 food points. Great opportunities for outdoor activities, as well as the high service level have become the hallmark of Gorki Gorod. The resort territory gradually becomes a popular place for holding of mass all-Russian events, including the events, which are famous on the global stage: snowboard camps, where thousands of riders gather annually, KVN and Comedy Club festivals. 


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