Health resort treatment

Sochi health resort complex is the largest in Russia, represented by 65 health and spa resorts: sanatoriums, nursing homes and medical and health spa centers. More than 50% of all health resorts of Krasnodar Region are located in Sochi. The resorts possess highly developed treatment facilities, the best in Russian Federation. Alongside natural capacities they apply apparatus physiotherapy, diet therapy, therapeutic exercise, all kinds of hydrotherapy, massage, non conventional treatment. Our specialist using the combination of unique natural resources, traditional health resort treatment, new methods of treatment and high tech equipment, have worked out unparalleled recovery and rehabilitation complexes.

Sochi is a multi purpose resort, its therapeutic base concerns cardiovascular diseases, central and peripheral nervous system, osteo articulare system, reproductive diseases, dermatology and immune allergies.

In recent years Sochi resorts have deepened their specialization. Nowadays they offer treatment of respiratory diseases, digestive tract, endocrine system (in particular, thyroid problems), eyes illnesses, urinary, professional diseases, rehabilitation of citizens from high radiation zones, post-operational, post trauma keloid and hypertrophic scars treatment.

There is, of course, a great deal more than this. Big resorts have worked out specialized treatment and diagnostic methods: endoecological rehabilitation ( they clear the organism on a cellular level. For the method, professor J. M. Levin was awarded the State Prize of Russia. The method focuses on natural healing factors, herbs, vitamins and bio minerals to clear the intestines and liver. It involves massage, mineral water intake, intestines irrigation, baths, Jacuzzi, physiotherapy etc), weight loss methods: “Healthy Spine”, “Anti-stress”, “Beauty and Health”, “Fresh Wind”, “Easy Gait”, “Silk Way” and others. Specialized departments were opened: monitor intestines irrigation, api therapy , hydrotherapy, reflexology, psychotherapy and relaxation, manual therapy, ozone therapy, cosmetology, ear, nose and throat department and dentistries.

Nowadays Sochi can easily compete with famous health resorts of France, Belgium, Czeck republic and Italy.

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