Sochi is a showcase and live master class on the creation of a modern multifunctional year-round resort, as well as one of the most popular resort destinations in Russia.

That is why familiarization and educational tours within the scope of SIFT – Sochi International Forum of Tourism are traditionally in demand among Russian and foreign travel agents, as well as among professionals who want to learn from the successful experience of the southern capital of Russia.

Every year the number of facilities presented within the scope of the tours significantly increases. The number of specialists from Russia and other countries wishing to attend that part of the Forum is growing.

Resort and business Sochi is changing rapidly, 2019 tours will update the visitors on a lot of new and interesting things as many objects worthy of attention have appeared in the area over the past year.

Familiarization and educational tours of resort and business Sochi facilities will give one the opportunity to see with his or her own eyes everything that modern Sochi offers them in various tourist destinations. New tourist, health, entertainment and business facilities, many of which set European and world records for their uniqueness, scale, technical and service indicators are constantly opening on its landscaped and ecologically clean territory stretching from the coast of the sea to the mountain peaks.

The tours cover the main categories of Sochi destinations:

  • Mountain cluster (Mountains);
  • Coastal cluster (Sea);
  • Sanatorium and balneological complex (Treatment and rehabilitation);
  • resources for corporate and large-scale events (MICE);
  • attractions of the resort city (Attractions and excursions).

At all locations that are included in the tours, visitors will find a competent presentation, consultations with experts and, most importantly, the opportunity to see with their own eyes and personally try out everything that Sochi of today offers vacationers and business people, as well as establish direct contact with future partners.

Detailed information about the tours can be found at the following address: https://tour-forum.com/tour.php

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