Everyone knows that the tourism industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of the world economy, but do you know that tourism has its own internal champion?

OLE-OLE-OLE!  The segment of tours to attend sporting events is growing 3.5 times faster than the industry as a whole! That is why if you consider yourself one of a huge and mighty army of sports tourists, you either have already been, or will soon be in Sochi!

The city, which hosted the Winter Games-2014, has the right to be considered the sports capital of Russia. The Olympic infrastructure is not only well preserved here, it is developing and remains in constant demand. The ice palace Bolshoy is the home base of the ice hockey club Sochi, its arena hosts matches of the Continental hockey League and other events. The Olympic stadium Fisht is being prepared to receive the matches of the World Cup. Ice shows and hockey matches are held in Iceberg, the training arena of which is available for those who are fond of ice skating. The ice arena Shaiba functions as an all-Russian children's sports and recreation center and hosts competitions of different levels. The former mountain Olympic village provides its facilities for competitions held on the slopes.

The main resort of the country is a real champion in the number of sports events held here at the highest level. Judge for yourself: only in 2017, Sochi hosted more than 80 high profile competitions, including ten Championships of Russia, one European and one world Championships, as well as the Military World Games. The spectators and the fans could watch the competition of the best athletes in such sports as luge, curling, fencing, table tennis, walking, boxing, checkers, chess, wrestling, snowboarding, bobsleigh, freestyle, football and mini-football, skiing, rhythmic gymnastics, skyrunning, cycling, skeleton, powerlifting, orienteering, sailing... Is not it a variety?

In 2018, Sochi will host the World Football Cup – a mega-event in the world of sports, which every true fan dreams of visiting.

Traditionally, a huge number of speed lovers will gather at Formula 1 at Sochi Autodrom. And even those who are infinitely far from sports and prefer a quiet lenient rest, are able right from the beach to contemplate the fascinating yachts of one of the many Sochi regattas.

So, even if you are going to Sochi only to admire the beautiful nature and breathe the sea or mountain air, look at the sports calendar of the city. It is likely that there will be a spectacular event that you may want to visit. It is checked and proved: sports tourism has a huge advantage over classical rest – a fabulous emotional component. Do you remember? When Sochi hosted the Olympics, everyone felt the indescribable atmosphere of a Grand sports festival, and a keen interest in the competition arose even among those who had never been a fan before.

No wonder it is said: "Oh, sport, you are the world!»

Discover this world – in Sochi!

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