“A Person is what he eats,” says the popular wisdom.

It is enough for a guest of Sochi to look at the local residents – full of energy, lighthearted, friendly and cheerful - to make a direct link between the typical southern character and the local cuisine. To come to Sochi and not enjoy such gastronomic marvels as shashlyk, khinkali, khachapuri, chebureks is unthinkable! In addition, the list of magically delicious dishes that you can treat yourself to at the main resort of the country is not limited to Caucasian cuisine – there are culinary hits of different countries and nations at every step!

Among the delicious food places that knowledgeable people recommend to visitors, and those – to all friends traveling to Sochi, here are the legendary White Nights khinkali place, a restaurant called Khmeli-Suneli, and tea houses in Dagomys. To those who want to take a full-scale cultural and food tour, Sochi travel agencies will offer visiting a festival in a Caucasian village or a hospitable Armenian family. Fans of more modern ‘travel with taste’ food tourism format have already appreciated the annual Sochi Gastrit International Restaurant Keppers’ Show, which attracts the best caterers in Russia. The main event of the Russian restaurant industry in 2016 gathered more than 1500 participants, and in 2017 - more than 2000 restaurant keepers from 23 countries!

It is no coincidence that Gastronomic map of Russia Rostourism project presentation was held at the SIFT international tourism forum in Sochi. The Food Guide of the Krasnodar Krai includes 30 enterprises that deserve special attention of lovers of delicious food. Sochi is among the leaders in this list. The Tourist's Food Map issued there last summer provides the guests with advice where to have a thorough lunch or a quick snack in the area of the Olympic Park.

The map shows 6 restaurants, 4 cafes and 11 street food places. The folding map, which can be put in your pocket, covers an area of about 40 hectares and not only reports the location of food outlets, but also focuses on the twists of establishments that make them especially interesting to tourists. For example, the map shows the first Russian restaurant with roller-coasters called Roller and a new family restaurant Dolce, where guests can watch pizza cooking in real wood-burning stoves.

Gastronomic and wine tourism organically complement all types of tourist business. You may not visit any of the recommended attractions, or indulge in some advertised entertainment, but it is impossible not to eat or drink. And if so, it is seems quite commendable to turn a normal meal into an interesting and informative experience.

Welcome to Sochi – and Bon appetit!

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