For many dozens of years, Sochi health resorts with their therapy programs and swimming pool facilities have been attracting large numbers of guests. Whereas in Soviet times it was almost impossible to get the package holiday tour to the city of black nights, today it is much easier to achieve the dream — just pick the time, the place and buy the desired tour in any travel agency.

Sochi health resorts today offer their guests a variety of therapy programs. As a rule, each of those resorts has its individual profile, in accordance with which it provides highly specialized treatment courses for a number of disorders:

  • ENT and respiratory system
  • nervous and musculoskeletal systems
  • skin
  • disorders associated with digestion and gastrointestinal tract
  • blood and blood-forming organs
  • eyesight related and others
  • (in principle, if desired, it is possible to choose any highly specialized program).

In addition to treatment courses, the resorts offer the diagnostic and preventive therapy including anti-stress, beauty and health maintenance, immune bolstering and many others.