The Yuri Novikov Memorial House in Sochi is open for excursions, where one can learn about the artist's work and buy his works.

Yuri Novikov Memorial House is a studio of ceramics, paintings and an exhibition hall, compound with the living space and garden. The house tellsthe visitors not only about the stages of the artist's work, but also about his worldview, creativecredo, form-making, and life philosophy.

The Museum's exposition consists of dishes, works of sculpture, and decorative panels.

The Memorial House was designed and created by the artist's family so, that as the space for life and work it took shape through their own energy.

In plan, the house resembles F. L. Wright's organic homes, formed from two mutually permeating volumes: the house and the garden in this case.

The garden is divided into a part that is accessible to the public, decorative all year round, and a closed part, a more private and functional one (an orchard and a recreation area by the pool). The implemented concept is the "garden of constant flowering", where decorativeness is the fundamental principle of the composition.

The Museum is open to the visitors upon prior request.

In the Museum, one can buy works by Novikov.

The building is equipped with ramps and an elevator.

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