One of the attractions of the Sochi resort is the Dagomys troughs, which are small natural pools on the Zapadniy Dagomys(Western Dagomys) river. Once upon a time, layers of rocks, collapsing, fell into the river and, blocking it, formed a kind of trough.

The chemical composition of the strata is heterogeneous and the erosion of rocks occurred very unevenly over thousands of years, which led to the formation of numerous ledges, ridges, depressions and bowls that resemble troughs. Hence the name Trough. Water falls from the ledges, foams, spills from one reservoir to another, striking the imagination with the play of its blue-green jets.

Pools and rapids make this river the most beautiful place in this region. Dagomys trough is a favorite place with tourists. In the hot season, they come here to swim in the clear water of the troughs and sunbathe by the cool mountain river. The river beach, which can be reached by neat wide steps, is decorated with a Caucasian bear carved from a single piece of wood.

Dagomys troughs attract travelers with their overgrown rocks, thickets of evergreen boxwood, Pontic rhododendron, crowns of mighty oaks, beeches, chestnuts. Here you can see many rare plants listed in the Red book. The locals are proud of the fact that the first plantations of Russian tea were developedin the area of Dagomys troughs, near the village of Solokh-aul,

If you want to get to the Dagomys troughs, you can sign up for a tour or come by transport. Only nine kilometers separate the attraction from the village of Dagomys - on an asphalt road leading to the mountains.

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