If you are planning to spend your holiday relaxing in the resorts of Sochi, then visit a place in the picturesque valley of the Kuapse river called Berendeevo Tzarstvo, which is translated as Berendey’s Kingdom. That place is special by its extraordinary beauty and unique rock formations, waterfalls and mountain bowls. Attention is drawn to a cascade of seven waterfalls, the highest of which reaches 27 meters. Waterfalls and other natural attractions here are named after the heroes of Alexander Ostrovsky's fairy tale ‘The Snow Maiden’. The slopes of the gorge are covered with in a variety of trees and shrubs. Among them, one can see Iberian oak, maple, hornbeam, Pontic rhododendron and yellow rhododendron, elderberry, hazel trees and many other plants.

The total length of the route is 1200 meters and it is divided into two stages. The first stage is 450 meters. The trail passes through the picturesque gorge along the Creek to seven falls. The trail is easy to walk, as it is equipped with pedestrian bridges and Park furniture. The first waterfalls the visitors see are very beautiful small waterfalls called Kupava and Bezymyanny. The road which runs along the rivercrosses Mezgir’s bridge; and the diamond in the crown of the valley is the 27-meter-high Berendey's Beard waterfall. Further along the route you can see the altar of the goddess Lada and the lake called Happiness.

The second stage of the route is 700 meters long. The path starts from the observation deck, located near the Berendey’s Beard waterfall, and continues its way along the pedestrian path to the Bezymyannaya mountain, where there is a megalith complex consisting of a" Sanctuary " and a trough-shaped dolmen with menhirs. On one of the menhirs you can see preserved petroglyphs that were left for us by the ancient builders of the bronze age. Not far from the "Sanctuary" there are medieval burials of Adygs-Shapsugs.

In addition, on the Berendey’s Kingdom territory there is a cafe and there is Berendey’s throne, on which anyone can sit for a while. In the café, you can taste shashlik and other dishes of national Adyghe cuisine, trout fried on coals, and enjoy a cup of Lazarev tea with mountain Caucasian honey.

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