Aul Nadzhigo can be reached from the coast (Makopse village) by bus. After passing from the village on a dirt road to the East, then to the South and North (about 2 km), we get to the Kumyshtepe river - the right tributary of the Nadzhigo. 

On the river Kumyshtepe, 140 meters above its confluence with Gumyshtepe, there is a high waterfall with vertically falling water. Its height is about 32 meters. There are 13 other low waterfalls from 5 to 8 meters high up the stream, but they are difficult to reach, since there is no path to them. There are also a number of picturesque waterfalls on the Gumyshtepe river, which are reached by a well-maintained path, installed where necessary with wooden bridges and railings. Two hundred and eighty meters above the confluence with the Kumyshtepe river there are two waterfalls with a height of 4.5 m and 6.5 m. Further, along the route, you can see the highest and most beautiful waterfall in the area. Its height is about 32 meters, and the distance from the confluence of the two rivers is 630 meters. 

About the history of this group of waterfalls, there is a legend. Once upon a time, there lived a young girl, who sang very beautifully in these places. As the years passed, the girl turned into a real beauty. One day when this girl walked through the woods, the forestGod Miztkha saw her. He fell in love with the girl.Miztkha knew that between him and an ordinary mortal girl there can be no relationship. Nevertheless, he decided to express his love in the form of a gift to the girl. He created a waterfall "The Serenade of Love". This waterfall is so quiet that its noise will not prevent the girl from singing. The next thing created byMiztkha as a gift to his beloved was awaterfall called "The Whirlpool of Love". At the very bottom of this pool, he put the treasures. Only a young man who truly loved that girl could get those treasures. The last gift was a waterfall "The Phiale of Love". Miztkha still stays near that fountain. He turned away from the basin, so as not to embarrass the girl with his presence.

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