The Ashe river is known locally for its picturesque waterfalls Psydah and Shapsug.

The name of the river is a word of Adyghe language, and it means "weapon" in translation. In addition to waterfalls, there are other attractions such as Skala Starikov (the Old Men’s Rock) and Peschera Spaseniya (the Cave of Salvation).

The tour to the famous waterfalls starts from the village of Lazarevskoye. The trail leads travelers to the observation decks, which offer an achngly beautiful view of the valley of the river Ashe. In the distance, you can see the Old Men’s Rock the name of which is feaured in many local legends. The guide will tell a very edifying story about the loyalty of children and the wisdom of parents.

On the left tributary of the Ashe river there is the Psydah waterfall, the name of which means Beautiful water. Its location is unusual. Most of the waterfalls located in the vicinity of the resort of Sochi are surrounded by green forests. In contrast, Psedakh is hiding in a crevice carved by the river – it is hardly possible to see it at once. This waterfall is a genuine delight for many – a powerful stream of crystal clear water is rapidly falling from a thirty-meter black rock. In fact, the Psydah waterfall consists of three waterfalls of different heights. The lower waterfall, a little more than two meters high, descends smoothly from a wide step. The average waterfall reaches a height of 5 meters and flows into a small bowl formed at its foot. The most attractive of all is the upper waterfall with a height of more than 20 meters – and it is the most spectacular one. A lot of spray flies in different directions, hitting the rocks. Really, beautiful water!

Near the waterfall, there is a lot of diverse vegetation, represented by Eastern hornbeam, common ash, common hazel, as well as Pontic needle, yellow rhododendron, honeysuckle and many other species. Those plants are of particular interest to curious travelers.

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