Дата события: 23.06.2019 - 30.08.2019

Event date: 23.06.2019 - 30.08.2019

From June 23 to August 30, the viewers will be able to see the program In Love With Sochi. This is the first historical and entertaining family show (6+), a musical and circus performance based on the history and legends of the resort, created by one of the best Musical Show Directors in Russia Vitaly Kravchenko.

The show guests will learn the legends about Sochi, return to the origins of history, feel the national color of the city, get down to the bottom of the Black sea, visit the Sochi of the mid 20th century, enter the spirit of the Olympics, feel like the football fans at FIFA-2018 matches and the spectators of Formula 1, and with benefit of the colorful scenery will find out more about the dazzling sights of the summer capital of Russia.

The production involves 40 artistes, and 150 costumes were designed and made exclusively for the show.

The show is a story of love, love for each other and love for the world, for the city. From time immemorial, history was created in the name of love, from the naitivity of a multi-ethnic Earth to the present day, when we see the tremendous results of the love with which Sochi was built, developed, and upreared. In the show the traditions of the Caucasus, as realistic as they are, intertwine with Slavic customs; the fairy tales and the legends interlink with real events; and the past meets the future.

The show will be run 4 times a week, starting at 20:00; its organizers will immerse the audience in the atmosphere of the history of amazing beauty. Mapping, video installations, scenery, moving structures, special effects, fascinating music, incredible costumes, professional artists of various genres, famous singers, the “stars” of Sochi –  will serve to create the effect of full immersion.  A unique Director's production, a strong narrative strand, from the first second to the final chord hold the audience’s attention and will not leave anyone indifferent.

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