"Here and Now". Sochi holds an exhibition of the Art Group “Stantzia”

Дата события: 19.01.2018 - 04.02.2018

The exhibition is to take place on January 19 in Sochi Art Museum. Twenty participants will think over the present day problems within the project framework.

The exhibition authors put it like this:” ... reality can be optimistic and hopeless, sad and cheerful, but a human always hopes for the best. An Artist is somewhat like a researcher: reasons are always important! That is why we often ask questions in our works, the answers to which are vague to the masters themselves. Painting, graphics, installation, performances and so on are all about it. Gladly we engage a dialogue with the viewers and invite all interested - “Here and Now”.

The participants: Maksim Tatarov, Anastasia Anishchenko, Megy Lepsveridze, Vincent Kumanyaev, Catherine Bykadorova, Oksana Sotnikova, Lyudmila_Atom, Valentina Nesterova, Eva Yves, Maksim Klevtsov, David Danielyan, Ul’yana Pucheglazova, Alexander Pushkin, Anastasia Usol’tseva, Elena Fonton, Catherine Nesterova, Eduard Dalevski.

Free entrance. The exhibition works till February 4th. 

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