The farm is located in one of the most beautiful places in Greater Sochi — in the village of Krasnaya Volya, which offers a magnificent panorama of the mountains.

Mild subtropical climate, clean air, sunny southern slope, mountain artesian water, healthy soil-nature has given this place all the best. Here they grow organic vegetables and fruits, breed dairy goats (several Alpine ones, Zaanen, Anglo-Nubian and La Mancha), get delicious goat and cow's milk, from which they produce high-quality natural cheeses and other dairy products. In addition to goats, and there are more than 100 of them in Volino, the farm has 6 cows, chickens and geese.

In the workshop of taste it produces craft cheese using Italian technology. By controlling the entire production process – from preparing the feed and maintenance of the animals to the creation of the final farm product, putting care in every goat, in every liter of milk and in every gram of cheese produced — farmers guarantee high-quality products.

The farm offers tours of its facilities with cheese tasting during which the guests will enjoy the beauty of nature and the taste of farm cheeses, get acquainted with the local inhabitants-cute goats, cows, ducks and geese. You can also feed the animals yourself and take a lot of memorable photos with them.

The cheese factory produces montasio, raclette, burrata, mozzarella, Camembert, valence, haloumi for frying, robiola, ricotta, Taleggio, Gorgonzola, 11 types of cachotte - with pistachio, fenugreek, walnut, almonds, Provencal herbs, black chanterelle and truffles. They make homemade yogurt and baked fermented milk known as ryazhenka.

Those who also want to try
their hand at cheese making,by appointment, can attend a master class on making
homemade cheese on the farm.

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