Adler is home to the only Russian Institute of Medical Primatology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. From here, the monkeys go to space. And, for some courageous primates, the enclosures in this nursery are a real "star city". In the village of Veseloye, the animals undergo thepre-flight training - they train their vestibular apparatus, get used to the seat of the spacecraft. They also return here after their space Odissey.

Few people know that before the flight of the world's first female cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, female monkeys were employed to experience the "space flight effect" on a woman's body. The results gave the scientists the assurance to permit that flight. So, it is not without a reason that The Cosmonautics Day is celebrated here with special solemnity.

The Institute of Medical Primatology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences was established in Adler by scientists from the former Soviet Union Research Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. This world's largest scientific center was located in Sukhumi. Those who spent their holiday in Abkhazia, probably remember the excursion to the monkey nursery. The nursery was just one of the divisions of a unique research Institute. Now the Institute celebrated a housewarming party in the village of Veseloe, in the very South of the resort city.

Currently, the Institute covers an area of 100 hectares, where about 2000 African and Asian monkey species are housed in larger and smaller enclosures. They are different macaque species (rhesus, Javanese, laundery, brown) and green guenons, baboons, and hamadrya. 

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